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Intra Class Activities for the month of February



Date of Event



1 18-February-20 Pre-School

               Innovation at its Best: Photo Frame

               Theme : Best Out of Waste

2 11-February-20 Pre-primary

              Creative Hands at Work

               Theme: Best Out of Waste

3 18-February-20 I

     Scrap Craft

     Theme: National Science Day

4 18-February-20 II

               Rhyme Time

               Theme: Science and Technology

5 18-February-20 III

                Science Genius

               Theme: National Science Day

6 18-February-20 IV

                Little Scientists of RDPS

                Theme: National Science Day

7 18-February-20 V

                Mordern Art: Pot Decoration

              Theme: Basant Panchami

8 18-February-20 VI


              Flower Arrangement

9 18-February-20 VII-VIII

               Cosmopolitan Platter

               Snack Related to China, UK, Italy

Intra Class Activities for the month of January



Date of Event



1 21-January-20 Pre-School

               Soul of the nation

               Theme : Glory to Trio

2 21-January-20 Pre-primary

              Dough Play

               Theme: National Symbols

3 21-January-20 I

     Collage making

     Theme: My India, My Pride

4 21-January-20 II

               Poster Making

               Theme: Proud to be Indian

5 21-January-20 III


               Theme: Floral Arrangement

6 21-January-20 IV

                Design a Book Cover

                Theme: My Favourite story book

7 21-January-20 VII

               Design a Book Cover

              Theme: Freedom Fighters

8 21-January-20 VIII

               Design a Book Cover

               Theme: Freedom Fighters


Intra Class Activities for the month of December



Date of Event



1 17-December-19 Pre-School

               Arty-Craftly- Santas's Cap Decoration

               Theme : Christmas

2 17-December-19 Pre-primary

              Christmas Fun: Stocking

               Theme: Christmas

3 17-December-19 I

     Christmas Time Theme: Christmas Tree

     Theme: Christmas

4 17-December-19 II

               Poem Recitation

               Theme: Christmas

5 17-December-19 III

                Super Dancers of RDPS

6 17-December-19 IV

                Stocking Decoration

                Theme: Christmas

7 17-December-19 VI

                Art Mosaic

              Theme: Mathematical Rangoli

8 17-December-19 VII

               Grey Matters

              G.K. / I.T. Quiz

9 17-December-19 VIII

               Grey Matters

               G.K./ I.T. Quiz


Intra Class Activities for the month of November



Date of Event



1 26-November-19 Pre-School

               Festival Fiesta

               Theme : Festivals

2 26-November-19 Pre-primary

              Fashion Show

               Theme: Gifts of Nature

3 26-November-19 I

     Move your feet

     Theme: Children's Day

4 26-November-19 II

               Hurdle Race

5 26-November-19 III

                Race Time: Sack race

6 26-November-19 IV

                Tap your feet

                Theme: Folk Dances of India

7 26-November-19 V

                DOODLE OODLE

              Theme: Doodling on festivals of the world

8 26-November-19 VII

               Capture the Customer

               Advertisement Enactment

9 26-November-19 VIII

               Capture the Customer

               Advertisement Enactment


Intra Class Activities for the month of October



Date of Event



1 22-October-19 Pre-School

               Sparkling Creativity

               Theme : Diwali

2 22-October-19 Pre-primary

              Rhythm of Lights

               Theme: Diwali

3 22-October-19 I

     Diya Decoration

     Theme: Diwali

4 22-October-19 II

               Candle Decoration

               Theme: Diwali

5 22-October-19 III

                Hanging Delights

                Theme: Green Diwali

6 22-October-19 IV

                Bandhanwar Decoration

                Theme: Diwali

7 22-October-19 VI

               AD-MAD - 1 Minute Act

               Advertisement of any food producy

8 22-October-19 VII


               LOGO Designing

9 22-October-19 VIII


               LOGO Designing


Intra Class Activities for the month of September



Date of Event



1 03-September-19 Pre-School

              Bal kavya Sammelan

              Theme : Meri Adhyapika

2 24-September-19 Pre-primary

            Sur Samay

             Theme: Meri Maa
3 24-September-19 I

    Card Making

    Theme: Teacher's Day

4 24-September-19 II

             Let's Groove In

             Theme: Harvest Festivals

5 24-September-19 III

             Twist a Table

6 24-September-19 IV

            Brouchre Designing

             Theme: World Tourism Day

7 24-September-19 V

  Slogan writing

  Road Safety

8 17-September-19 VII

           Creative Card

            Birth Anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

9 17-September-19 VIII

            Creative Card

            Birth Anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan



Intra Class Activities for the month of August



Date of Event



1 06-August-19 Pre-School

              Dough Play

              Theme : National Flag

2 06-August-19 Pre-primary

            Love for nation

             Theme: Freedom fighters
3 06-August-19 I

    Paper tearing and Pasting

    Theme: Our national Pride, Our symbols

4 06-August-19 II

             Collage Making

             Theme: Independence day

5 06-August-19 III

             Tie The knot

             Theme: Raksha bandhan

6 06-August-19 IV

             Kite Decoration

             Theme: Independence Day

7 06-August-19 V

  Cosmoplolitan Platter

  Any uncooked Snack of China ,UK ,Italy

8 06-August-19 VI

            Mythology comes alive

            Story writing based on Indian Mythology

9 06-August-19 VII

            Kavita Prastuti

            Hindi Patriotic Poem

10 06-August-19 VIII

            Kavita Prastuti

            Hindi Patriotic Poem



Intra Class Activities for the month of July


Date of Event



1 16-July-19 Pre-School

              Lets Prelude Ourselves

              Theme : Self Introduction

2 23-July-19 Pre-primary

            Rhthym of Thoughts

             Theme: Rainy Season
3 23-July-19 I

Me the poet

 Theme: Health is Wealth

4 16-July-19 II

             Blossoming Calligrapher

5 16-July-19 III

             Kavita Gayan

             Theme: Incredible India

6 16-July-19 IV

             Nanhe Kavi

             Theme: Ped Lagao, Ped Bachao

7 16-July-19 V

 Poster Making

 World Environment Day

8 16-July-19 VI

            Cosmopolitan Platter-

            Menu Card Designing on Healthy Food

9 16-July-19 VII

           Best out of wate

            World Environment Day

10 16-July-19 VIII             Best out of wate

            World Environment Day


Intra Class Activities for the month of April


Date of Event



1 09-April-2019 Pre-primary

            Broach Yourself 

             Theme: Self Introduction
2 09-April-2019 I

  Artistic Hands

  Theme: World Earth Day

3 09-April-2019 II

             Budding Orator

             Theme: Our Earth

4 09-April-2019 III

             Collage Making

             Theme: World Earth Day

5 09-April-2019 IV

             Making Menu Card

             Theme: World Health Day

6 09-April-2019 V

  Cord n Blend

  Folder making on Junk vs Healthy  Food

  (World Health Day)

7 09-April-2019 VI

            Cosmopolitan Platter-

            Menu Card Designing on Healthy Food

8 09-April-2019 VII

            My Healthy Lunch Box-

            Collage Making World Health Day

9 09-April-2019 VIII             Science Quiz


 Intra Class Activities for the month of February


Date of Event



1 13-Feb-2019 Pre-school  

Innovation as its Best- Photo Frame

Theme: Best Out of Waste

2 13-Feb-2019 Pre-primary

Creative hands at work 

Theme: Best Out of Waste

3 13-Feb-2019 I

Poster Making : Theme National Science Day

(Cognitive and Aesthetic)

4 13-Feb-2019 II

Scientist our Pride- Theme National Science Day

(Aesthetic and Cognitive)

5 13-Feb-2019 III

Science Genius Theme National Science Day

(Cognitive, Aesthetic , Social)

6 13-Feb-2019 IV

Little Scientists of RDPS

Theme National Science Day

(Cognitive Aesthetic and Social)

7 13-Feb-2019 V, VI, VII & VIII

Libopedia G.K Quiz (Cognitive)

 Intra Class Activities for the month of January


Date of Event



1 30-Jan-2019 I

Caligrapher in me: On the spot

(Cognitive and Aesthetics)

2 30-Jan-2019 II

Card Making Theme: Spring

(Cognitive and Aesthetics)

3 30-Jan-2019 III



4 30-Jan-2019 IV

Kalakriti: Floral Arrangement


5 30-Jan-2019

Pot Decoration (Basant Panchami)


30-Jan-2019 VI

Dart-'e'-Art: (Basant Panchami)

 Intra Class Activities for the month of December


Date of Event



1 19-Dec-2018 Pre-school 

Arty Crafty: Santa Cap Decoration 

Theme: Christmas

2 19-Dec-2018 Pre-primary

Christmas Fun: Stocking Decoration

Theme: Christmas

3 19-Dec-2018 I

Christmas Tree Decoration

Theme: Christmas(Aesthetics and Moral)

4 19-Dec-2018 II

Christmas Bell Decoration

Theme: Christmas(Aesthetics and Moral)

5 19-Dec-2018 III

Santa Cap Decoration 

Theme: Christmas (Aesthetics and Social)

6 19-Dec-2018 IV

Stocking Decoration

Theme: Christmas (Aesthetics and Social)

7 19-Dec-2018

V & VI

Kho Kho


8 19-Dec-2018 VII 

Show Casing diversity- Pot Decoration

( Aesthetics)

9 19-Dec-2018 VIII

Poster Making on Constitution Day

(Aesthetics and Social)



1. Orientation Programme:  RDPS organized Orientation  Programme for the parents of Pre-School and Pre-Primary students. The programme focused on the infrastructure and facilities provided by the school, the faculty, teaching strategy, syllabus and achievements of the school. The parents were also made familiar with the play-way method adopted by the school to let students capture concepts while playing.



2. Picnic: i) To break the monotony of the routine classroom teaching, a picnic to ‘Azad Hind Gram’ was organized for the students of class PS – IV.

ii) A trip to ‘Dam Dama Lake’ was organized for the students of class II to VIII. It was adventurous    for both teachers and parents as the tiny tots remained throughout without their parents but under the supervision of teachers. 





iii) To rejuvenate and to develop the faculties of students, a trip to Shivpuri was organised which gave students a thrilling experience of white water rafting, rock climbing, cliff jumping and many more and helped them to acquire much needed skills like leadership, decision making, adjustment and cooperation.


iv) To make students aware of the different types of aircrafts and enhance their knowledge about the functioning of an aircraft, a visit to Center for Civil Aviation Training was organised for the students of classes Pre-school to I. Students boarded the real aircraft-airbus A300 and learnt how to use the safety belt, life jacket, oxygen masks and aircraft chairs. Students were also given information and real experience about how to clear immigration, keep the luggage, issue boarding pass and then how to board the aircraft.


3. Educational trip: i) Trips to Humayun Tomb, Bal bhavan, Rail museum and Children park were organised for the students.

ii) The educational trip to Britannia is scheduled for the students of class V-VIII where they will have a live experience of preparation of bread, they are so accustomed to.

iii) The students visited National Science Center to make them aware of the new techniques and to make them able to kee pace with the fast moving world.



4. Celebrations: The school makes concerted efforts to keep the children abreast with their own culture and tradition. All Religious and National festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm and feelings. Whereas Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti spark the patriotic fervour, Janamashtami, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas & New Year inculcate the idea of sovereignty.



5. Movie Show: Various movie shows were organized for students to make them learn through recreation.


6. Farewell: A lavish farewell was extended to class VIII by class VII along with the sweet memories which the seniors took with them for their bright future. The Head Teacher and the subject teachers wished the outgoing students luck. They, in turn, thanked their teachers by presenting them self made cards and titles. Mementos were given as a token of remembrance. After strengthening their base in R.D.P.S, Rohini, all students got admission in Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura.


7. Book Fair: In order to inculcate the reading habit and love for books, a book fair was organized in the school. Students were seen eage o browse the books of their interest.




8. Nukkad Natak: Classes V – VIII participated in moral based Nukkad Natak showcasing the importance of cleanliness. Such shows improve communication skills, expression and brotherhood in children.


9. Integrated Exhibition:  The students got ample opportunities under the guidance of their teachers to showcase their efforts when the school held an Integrated Exhibition on diverse topics from all streams.  Each exhibit was done to perfection and received appreciation from the parents who visited to catch a glimpse of their ward’s artistic and intellectual pursuit.




10. Sports Fiesta:  Sports Fiesta was celebrated with the feeling of fighting spirit, zeal & enthusiasm.  The meet was declared open by the chief guest by releasing balloons symbolizing higher aim and freedom.  Winners were awarded medals.


Special Days

Special days are celebrated to give students fundamental knowledge through practical skills imbibing in them the feeling of social gathering and sharing.


Red Day: The Red Day was celebrated with the theme ‘Fruits’ in which the importance of different fruits was discussed. To give the day a festive look, students came in red casual dress, watched the movie ’Red Riding Hood’ and danced on various numbers.




Green Day: Importance of the environment and green vegetables was told to the students. Tree plantation was encouraged by planting a sapling by the Head Teacher in the school premises. Community lunch and rhyme enactment was enjoyed by one and all.


Rain Day: Tiny Tots of Pre-school thanked God for all his blessings when they danced enthusiastically in rain. Their blue casual dress symbolized water. They were-overwhelmed and excited as there was colour all around without any restriction of any kind.



International literacy day: A special assembly session was conducted wherein the need for literacy in today’s world was highlighted. The school children pledged to eradicate literacy completely by teaching unprivileged and senior citizens. The rally and various other activities like Poster making and Slogan writing helped in disappearing of dark clouds of ignorance and made ways for rays of knowledge to appear.

Teacher’s Day: The school management ideally dedicated the special day for the learned, vibrant, livewire and dependable faculty. The Head teacher acknowledged the efforts of the staff members who are striving hard to make the school reach pinnacles of growth, development and popularity. The presentation of various programmes made the day, to be remembered for long.



Children’s Day: Students celebrated Children’s day to pay homage to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for he built a courageous, righteous, self reliant Indian who could feel, fight and demand his freedom.


Visit of foreign delegates 

Delegation of 14 students and 5 teachers from Lieco Scientifico E Majorana Italy and a teacher from Carmel College, New Zealand visited Rukmini Devi Public School, Rohini.


The visit aimed to form alliance with the students of other countries and make them aware about the cultural and educational system of India.

The guests were given a warm and traditional welcome with Tilak and Rangoli.


A programme was organised to give a glimpse of India’s culture. Ganesh Vandana was performed by the students to start of the function.

A street play was presented to create awareness on cleanliness.

A dance was performed to show faith in universal brotherhood.

The guests also interacted with the students of host school. They got to know about India’s diverse culture, food and historical places. The teachers also interacted with guests and learnt about their educational system, culture and heritage.


A workshop on paper quilling was also organized for the students of Italy to showcase Indian art and craft.


They made beautiful glass coasters. Wristbands made by the same technique were gifted to the students and the teachers as a token of love and gratitude.

The visit proved to be a learning experience for the teachers and students of the host and guest school. 

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