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Cookery clubs can be set up in almost any environment with a few essential items; even cooking without an oven is possible. However, to ensure that the club runs without a hitch it's essential you have everything in place well ahead of the start date. This section of the toolkit gives you an overview of things you need to consider

before you start a cookery club and an idea of what's involved, from recruiting adult helpers and members, to session planning, health and safety procedures and more.


Objectives of cooking club:

Handling food – with the support of our lesson plans, displays and worksheets, children will learn how to be hygienic and how to stay safe in the kitchen.
Healthy packed lunches – with the support of our lesson plans, displays, worksheets and interactive games, children will learn how to plan a healthy packed lunch that contains a variety of food groups tat include a range of nutrients.
Understanding food labels – with the support of our lesson plan and worksheet, children will learn how to read food labels and use them to make informed choices.


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