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Personality Development
There are many professionals who fail to climb up the corporate ladder because they cannot communicate well, are nervous to speak in front of an audience, find it difficult to initiate change and lack many other attributes which are essential for success in the professional world. Such individuals in short lack soft skills.
The real key to the effectiveness of any professional is the ability to put one's domain knowledge into effective practice. Soft skills are the abilities that are needed to enhance and augment the skills learnt in academic disciplines to make them seamlessly effective in any business or social environment. Keeping this in mind, a club will be started to develop and enhance soft skills of students.
Objectives of Personality Development Club: The purpose of this club is as follows:

Holistic development of members in terms of their communication skills, presentation skills, group discussion skills, public speaking skills, interpersonal skills and interview skills.
Improving awareness of members in business domain and keeping them updated about current business scenario.
Enhancement in personal grooming of members.
Organising and promoting world class Group task/discussion, public speaking competitions, as a part of Avenues and also as standalone events.
Developing a spirit of working in teams.


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