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We at RDPS believes that each child has wings of imagination, curious mind and tremendous urge for creation. 

To be able to completely exploit inherent talent of every Rukminian and experience various perspectives of the curriculum, students at RDPS are showered with multifarious activities such as:



Via Classical and Folk dance, Vocal and Instrumental music activities, Painting, Gift Packing, Paper Mache, Batik, Usage of Waste Material, Applied Art, Making Greeting Cards, etc.



Workshops, Seminars

On harnessing Creativity, Meditation, Stress Management, Time Management, Personality Development, Career Avenues, Social Graces, Study Skills etc.




Visits, Excursions,Tours and Trips are organized to make students socially awakened, “educationally enlightened, emotionally balanced, culturally rich, physically alert and integrated with the cause of national development.




Functions and Celebration of Annual Day, Athletic Meet, Observance of National and International Days, Day Camp, Fete etc.






Value Education we foster universal and eternal values amongst students by activities like,

    Shortplays depicting moral values Value education classes Taking relevant cues from course from course content etc.









Subject wise exhibitions are a regular feature round the year to showcase the student’s work.
Intra and Inter Class Competitions viz Debate, Recitation, Declamation, Creative writing, Display Board decoration, Plays, Model making, Sports activities, Quiz and Cultural activities, Ad Wit, Folk Dance, are held on a regular basis, which in turn make the students more confident, creative, communicative,  curious & committed.
This is an integral part of their personality, growth and moral development.







Stage Exposure

To give vent to the ideas and to improve the oratory skill of the students, each individual is given chance to perform on stage via number of activities like Newspaper Reading, Thought for The Day, G.K. Quiz, Amazing Facts, Poetry and Story Narration, etc.



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